ASU Police Department

Daily Crime/Fire Log


Reported Date Reported Time Occurred Date Occurred Time Location Nature
01/01/2024 1357HRS 01/01/2024 1357HRS Off Campus Traffic Stop Completed
01/01/2024 1528HRS 01/01/2024 1528HRS Radium Springs Road Traffic Stop Completed
01/02/2024 No Records
01/03/2024 No Records
01/04/2024 No Records
01/05/2024 No Records
01/06/2024 1922HRS 01/06/2024 1922HRS Reese Student Union (East Campus) Delayed Accident Report Completed
01/07/2024 1142HRS 01/07/2024 1142HRS Hall 5 Residential Hall (East Campus) Possession: Marijuana LTO Referred to Judicial Office
01/08/2024 No Records
01/09/2024 1212HRS 01/09/2024 1212HRS South Residential Hall (East Campus) Possession: Marijuana LTO Completed
01/09/2024 1337HRS 01/09/2024 1337HRS New Student Center (CW Grant Student Union) (East Campus) Alarm Activation Completed
01/10/2024 No Records
01/11/2024 2125HRS 01/11/2024 2125HRS Commons Residential Hall (West Campus) Alarm Activation Completed
01/11/2024 2254HRS 01/10/2024 2254HRS Peace Hall (East Campus) Sexual Misconduct Active
01/11/2024 2358HRS 01/11/2024 2358HRS Hall 6 Residential Hall (East Campus) Disturbance Referred to Judicial Office
01/12/2024 1112HRS 01/12/2024 1112HRS Hall 5 Residential Hall (East Campus) Lost / Misplaced Property Completed
01/13/2024 0143HRS 01/13/2024 0143HRS South Residential Hall (East Campus) Medical Call Turned Over to EMS
01/13/2024 1931HRS 01/13/2024 1931HRS Hall 5 Residential Hall (East Campus) Smell of Marijuana Referred to Judicial Office
01/14/2024 0136HRS 01/14/2024 0136HRS Village South Residential Hall (West Campus) Medical Call Completed
01/14/2024 1437HRS 01/14/2024 1437HRS Commons Residential Hall (West Campus) Disorderly Conduct Cleared Non-Custodial Arrest

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